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  • Fill Your Book Shelf With Inspiration

    I work from home, and it has to be admitted that my working day is punctuated by domestic tasks or consideration of whether I could realistically install a new kitchen without my husband finding out while he's at a wedding in Crete next month.

    This morning, my procrastination has been spent on interiors books.  I used to spend a LOT of time and money on my interiors book habit, which I weaned myself of a couple of years ago, but that just means that there have been a endless wonderful books published since then and my Amazon basket is suddenly heaving with planned indulgence.

    Will Taylor's Bright Bazaar: Embracing Colour For Make-You-Smile Style is the obvious first choice - vivid colour and Natural History do not often go hand in hand, but Will's approach is so inviting and friendly that even I find myself pricing lime green paint at Homebase after a few minutes on his glorious blog, Bright Bazaar.

    Not new, but just as necessary for me, I think, Is Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick's Decorate.  I've been reading Holly's Decor8 blog for years and years, and I've been resisting this book for a long time, but it seems like just the sort of book I have been after and will definitely help me sort out some of the trouble spots in my house.  I'm also a huge fan of Debi Treloar, which helps - I mean, just LOOK at her work.

    Finally, the Andrew Martin Interior Design Review is where things get serious.  The world's top interior designers compete to be included in this definitive list of the great and good of international design, and while it might be a little beyond what we might call practical inspiration for our own homes (for some of us, at least!) this is the book that I most want to get my hands on this month.


    Follow the authors...

    Will Taylor - @Will_UK

    Holly Becker - @decor8

    Joanna Copestick - @jojocope

    Andrew Martin - @AndrewMartinInt

  • It might be summer, but...

    For retailers and designers, July means Christmas!  It might be the last thing on your mind, but July is the month when retailers and designers all over the country are thinking about trees, decorations and presents, because this is when we put together our press releases for all the lovely magazines, newspapers and blogs who kindly feature us.  It has to be in July because many of the glossy magazines have lead times of three months or more, so we have to show them our winter collections well in advance.

    This autumn is going to be very exciting for Natural History as we are going back go our roots and relaunching as a concept store, stocking a very carefully edited selection of products from our favourite brands and designers.  We have found the most wonderful skincare (for men too!), ceramics, art and gifts, and although you will find some of our old favourites from the Natural History collection scattered throughout the site, I think that you will love the new brands that you will find alongside them.

    I can hardly wait until September to reveal all - maybe I'l drop some hints along the way...


    (beautiful Christmas wreath image with thanks to Saipua)

  • It's July, so that means...



    Our sale is now fully live with fantastic finds across all of our ranges with up to 50% off some products.  Explore our collection of glass boxes, linen cushions, leather notebooks, stationery and ceramics.  We have limited stock on many products, so if you don't shop now, you might miss out!

  • Start Your Own Collector's Cabinet

    If you have ever looked longingly at Sibella Court's wonderful styling, or come across any of the books on cabinets of curiosity that have come out in recent years, you must surely have yearned for your own collection of treasures and ephemera, and the perfect way to display them.

    If so, you just have to take a look at the collector's boxes that we now have in stock, crafted from glass and antique brass, with a mirrored base to show off your very own curiosities - no longer must they hide unseen and unloved in a drawer!  

    Find them here, and don't forget to pick up a paperweight on the way...

  • Creative Start-Up Masterclasses

    I started Natural History nearly five years ago, and after journeys through retail, trade shows, manufacturing, exporting, marketing and a brand new textiles brand called Tradescant & Son, I have learned a lot about how to get a creative business up and running.  

    For the last year I have been running masterclasses and workshops on creative business start-ups with designers and makers from all over the UK, so if you would like to talk to be about starting your own business, especially if you have a limited start-up budget and want to put it to the best possible use, get in touch and perhaps I can help!

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